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Talkument Online Classroom

Latest Talkument Features & Functionality Enhancements

Interested in learning more about new features and feature enhancements introduced to the Talkument application? Simply select and expand on a desired topic below for more information and a Flash-based video tutorial that can get you quickly up to speed.

Version 7.2

Archival Database

This feature provides the ability to archive calls from the active OAISYS database to a secondary archival database. A new search and playback interface can then be directed to this database to work with archived recordings. View the video tutorial to learn more:

Call Segment Exporting

This feature enables users to highlight a specific segment of a call and export only that portion as a WAV or other industry standard file format if desired. View the video tutorial to learn more:

Digit Capture

This feature captures the DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) digits entered on recorded calls. When a button is touched on a push button pad, it makes a combination of two tones, one high frequency and one low frequency. With the digit capture feature enabled, OAISYS translates those tones into their corresponding digits, creating a record of what digits were pressed and allowing that to be tracked as part of the call record. View the video tutorial to learn more:

Call Slicing

This feature allows users to separate a single recording into multiple recordings. For example, in a public safety dispatch center, two portions of a radio call captured as a single, extended-length recording may deal with two distinct incidents. The single call recording can now be sliced into two separate calls, which enables clearer incident reconstruction and analysis. View the video tutorial to learn more:

Call Merging

This feature allows users to merge the segments of two or more recordings into a single recording for ease of organization and improved incident reconstruction. For example, three separate calls all pertaining to a single incident can be merged into one recording, enabling a more holistic analysis of a chain of events. View the video tutorial to learn more:

Call Redacting

Sometimes called “Blurring” or “Scrubbing,” this feature provides users the ability to highlight a section of the recording and play silence over the audio. For example, if a public safety agency shares a 9-1-1 call with local media outlets, the administrator can play silence over sensitive information, such as the caller’s name or address. View the video tutorial to learn more:

Version 7.1

OAISYS Cloud Licensing Service

This feature enables automatic registration of an OAISYS recording system and the ability to apply additional licenses directly via the cloud. Cloud licensing streamlines system administration and improves the customer experience, making it even easier to deploy, manage and use OAISYS solutions. View the video tutorial to learn more:

Caller Location Mapping

This feature enables the display of a map showing a caller’s location based on physical address or longitude/latitude coordinate information. View the video tutorial to learn more:

Network Configuration

OAISYS has enhanced the Network Configuration options. The new Local Data Server tab allows support for named instances in SQL. The Local Clients fields allow for clients running locally on the OAISYS Server to connect directly. View the video tutorial to learn more:

Talkument Online Certification Presentations - Version 7

Click here to login and take one of our certification exams based on the videos below.

Each link will be a zip file that contains a high quality AVI file. Unzip the file to your local machine to review the material. Windows Media Player or your default player will play the files. If you unable to see the video portion of the session, you might first need to download the appropriate codec for the media player. Click here and Install TSCC.

Install - Installing Talkument

OAISYS Install Training
(full AVI presentation)
This session teaches Technicians how to physically install and configure an OAISYS Call Recording Server. Topics discussed are server specs, software options, installation models, and basic configurations that need to be programmed in order to get the OAISYS Server fully operational.

Video Contents (individual tutorials with bookmarks)
Intro - 0:00
Architecture Overview – 2:53
Turnkey Server Specs – 14:11
Software Only Server Options – 30:35
VM Server Options – 34:23
Software Options – 36:50
Installation Models – 42:33
Programming Configurations – 1:01:27

Admin - Setting up and Configuring Talkument

OAISYS Admin Basics
(full AVI presentation)
This session teaches Talkument programmers everything they need to match their organization’s recording needs & keep their system running effectively. Topics discussed are basic navigation, alarm programming, backup/archive settings, and recording rules.

Video Contents (individual tutorials with bookmarks)
Intro - 0:00
Download Software – 4:54
Desktop Client Overview – 7:32
Check Port Settings – 17:02
Program Alarms – 21:48
Create Lists & Call Filters – 28:30
Configure Backup & Archive Settings – 38:42
Set Recording Rules – 52:33
Program After Call Actions – 59:08
Create Custom Call Columns – 1:03:55

Talkument User Creation
(full AVI presentation)
This session teaches Talkument programmers how to create profiles for the various internal and external users who will be working with the software. Topics discussed are the creation of user profiles and allocation of permissions.

Video Contents (individual tutorials with bookmarks)
Intro - 0:00
Active Directory Integration – 2:48
Create Lists & Call Filters – 7:08
Create User Profiles – 16:47
Create User Groups – 27:37
General Application Permissions – 32:19
Talkument Calls Permissions – 35:16
Talkument Live Call Permissions – 46:26
Admin Permissions – 49:06
User Group Permissions – 50:58
Deploy Software – 52:50

User - Using the Features of Talkument

OAISYS User Basics
(full AVI presentation)
This session teaches Talkument users the basics of navigating the user interfaces. Topics discussed are initial software download, desktop client functionality, and historical calls navigation.

Video Contents (individual tutorials with bookmarks)
Intro - 0:00
Software Download – 3:36
OAISYS Desktop Client – 4:55
Management Studio Login – 19:00
Searching for a Call – 22:39
Navigate Folder Tree – 30:50
View & Listen to Calls – 39:45
Add Annotation – 43:56
Right-Click Menu Options – 48:29
Share Recordings – 55:16